Building a group

Volunteers within LTI are members of a community, and it is important to us that our group shares a strong sense of connectedness, despite the fact that we are scattered all over the world. That is accomplished by holding voice meetings regularly and communicating linguistic team related milestones and other uplifting news via our facebook group.

Transcriptions - Working toward strong translation materials

Most of our available materials' source language is English. Our English department takes care of transcribing media which is then thoroughly proofread before being handed to translators.

Translations - Bridging the gap

Translators become part of groups which coordinate translation and proofreading efforts. The Linguistic Team Forum is used to help volunteers navigate through the available content, locate resources, and share their progress.

Media management - Molding raw materials into shape

Translation materials come in many forms: text, video, audio, image, etc., and have to be pre processed before teams can use them in projects. Our tech team makes sure the materials can be converted back and forth while retaining their original attributes.

Development - Agile platforms means productive volunteers

The teams' tasks involve a high degree of interaction with software that allows them to carry out their tasks as productively as possible. Our development team looks for new ways to help volunteers by automating repetitive tasks and designing applications to enable productive work flow.

Where do I fit in?

You tell us! Please get in touch with us through the contact form or head directly to our forums and introduce yourself there! We'll guide you through the next steps.